Waymo is using insurance data about self-driving cars to bolster its safety case

Waymo, an Alphabet-owned company, has collaborated with insurer Swiss Re to use insurance data to demonstrate the safety of its self-driving cars compared to human drivers. The study analyzes Waymo’s liability claims data alongside claims from human drivers, considering factors like mileage and location. The results show that Waymo’s autonomous vehicles, both with and without safety drivers, significantly reduce bodily injury and property damage claims compared to human-driven vehicles. This data is significant as it contributes to the ongoing debate about the safety of self-driving cars, with Waymo asserting that autonomous vehicles have the potential to reduce traffic fatalities caused by human errors. However, the limited number of autonomous vehicles on the road highlights the need for more data before drawing conclusive safety comparisons. Waymo has been actively researching and sharing data to address these concerns, including analyzing response times, crash avoidance, and simulating real-world fatal crashes to demonstrate the potential for improved safety with autonomous vehicles.