Newsom at Shanghai Tesla Factory

California Governor Gavin Newsom expressed his belief in the future of autonomous vehicles during a visit to a Tesla car factory in Shanghai. Newsom stated that in 20 to 30 years, people will wonder why human drivers were allowed on the road, as he sees autonomy as the future of transportation. His comments came in the context of a recent suspension of Cruise, an autonomous car company, for withholding information about an accident. Newsom supported the Department of Motor Vehicles’ decision to revoke Cruise’s ability to operate robotaxis in San Francisco. He also mentioned the importance of keeping people safe while advancing autonomous technology. During his visit, Newsom did not comment on Tesla’s self-driving technology but emphasized his expectation of its increased prevalence. He also mentioned the potential for flying cars, although he did not provide a specific timeline for their development. Newsom’s visit to the Tesla factory highlighted the importance of electric vehicles in California’s clean energy plans, emphasizing a shift away from gas-powered cars by 2035. Additionally, Newsom test-drove an updated version of Tesla’s Model 3 during the visit. His enthusiasm for autonomous vehicles was evident as he flashed a smile and expressed his interest in the new technology.