BMW to launch near-autonomous driving next spring

BMW announced the launch of Level 3 autonomous driving for its BMW 7 Series cars in March 2024, with pre-orders beginning in December. This feature, called Personal Pilot L3, allows the car to drive itself under specific conditions, but the driver must be alert and ready to take over if needed. This system, priced at 6,000 euros, will only be available for BMW 7 Series vehicles in Germany. BMW’s automation will function at speeds up to 60 km/h on motorways with separated lanes, and it can operate in low-light conditions. The technology utilizes 5G connectivity, precise GPS, cameras, sensors, and lidar. This advancement puts BMW ahead in offering both Level 2 and Level 3 automation concurrently, with Mercedes-Benz also offering Level 3 automation in certain scenarios. Other automakers, like Tesla, are offering Level 2 automation and haven’t yet achieved Level 4 or 5 fully automated systems.