Contra Costa Co. to install 28-mile micro-transit system with autonomous vehicles

Contra Costa County is set to introduce a 28-mile micro-transit system using autonomous vehicles called Glydcars. This system aims to connect Pittsburg, Antioch, Brentwood, and Oakley, addressing the challenge of first and last-mile transportation. The vehicles, being small and electric, promise reduced infrastructure and operational costs along with zero emissions. The system intends to reduce traffic congestion, promote sustainability, and align with California’s emission goals. With a partnership between public and private entities, including Glydways, the project aims for faster implementation, potentially operational within three to four years. The estimated cost of $450 million is significantly less compared to expanding existing transportation systems like BART. The initiative also emphasizes social equity in fare pricing to ensure accessibility. The next steps involve design, environmental reviews, and if timelines hold, the system could be up and running within a few years.