GM's Self-Driving Cruise Origin Indefinitely Delayed Amid Major Setbacks

This article discusses the indefinite delay faced by Cruise, a General Motors (GM) subsidiary, in its self-driving initiative following the revocation of its self-driving permits by California. Cruise experienced setbacks due to multiple crashes involving its autonomous Chevy Bolts and issues such as obstructing emergency vehicles. These problems led to the suspension of its operations and the resignation of key executives. Additionally, the production plans for Cruise’s autonomous vehicle, the Origin, have been put on hold, with no prototypes or production models expected in 2024. The delay in obtaining safety standard exemptions and the need to address public safety concerns highlight the challenges Cruise faces in reintroducing its autonomous vehicles. The article underscores the considerable hurdles Cruise needs to overcome to re-establish trust and refine its technology before re-entering the American streets.